I apply my knowledge and experience with mechanical, electrical, and software engineering to the design and development of technology-based solutions. I have worked on projects in the areas of maternity care, education, accessibility, disability, universal design, rehabilitation research, and automation. These projects have required full stack web development, Javascript-heavy frontend work, Python programming, server administration, basic data analysis, and construction of mechatronic prototypes, among other skills.

Project Portfolio

  • Screenshot of 90 Days of Summer websiteDeveloped the website for an online course educating parents about technology, 90 Days of Summer.
  • Screenshot of Text Compactor websiteCreated a website which is used by thousands each month to automatically summarize text, Text Compactor.
  • Screenshot of Jen: The Tiered Web Page Generator websiteDeveloped a commercial web application which allows teachers to easily create accessible web pages, Jen: The Tiered Web Page Generator.
  • Isometric plots of deformation of original mold and modified designPerformed finite element analysis of the deformation of a mold used for composites research using the ANSYS software package. Based on the results, proposed design modifications to reduce the deformation by a factor of 4.
  • Plot of nitric oxide concentration for four fuels at five equivalence ratiosWrote a program (using Python and Numpy) to estimate the concentrations of pollutants in engine exhaust for various combinations of fuels and air-fuel ratios.
  • Screenshot of a LabView program's back panel block diagramCreated a LabView program that used data from two accelerometers and a force transducer to measure impact energy for an automated endurance testing apparatus.
  • Photo of the 2-dimensional translation table apparatusWorked as part of a 4 person team to automate the 2-dimensional movement of an apparatus used for nano-particle deposition research.
  • A few small projects and scripts can be found on my GitHub profile.

Skills & Experience

  • Experienced with Python, HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and some experience with AppleScript, C, C++, ColdFusion, Java, Perl, PHP, SQL and VBA (Also, currently learning Haskell and Ruby)
  • Completed both Stripe's Capture the Flag 2.0 (web security) and 3 (distributed systems)
  • Built 6 websites, and contributed to 3 others, using server-side MVC frameworks (Django, Flask)
  • Significantly contributed to several AngularJS single page web applications.
  • Designed, documented, and implemented 3 web services (APIs)
  • Designed websites to meet Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA
  • Wrote programs to parse data from experiments, perform aggregation and analysis, and output reports, including PDFs with graphs (using Python, Numpy, Matplotlib, and ReportLab)
  • Debugged and created programs (with Vizard, E-Prime) used for experiments with human subjects
  • Introduced distributed version control (git) and issue tracking to an organization's development process
  • Managed Linux servers, running web (Apache, Nginx) and database (MySQL, PostgreSQL) servers, for over 4 years
  • Automated website deployment and server backup procedures (with Fabric, rsync)
  • Conceptualized complex systems and communicated the concepts using flowcharts (GraphViz) and interface mockups
  • Constructed analog and digital circuits, including programming TTL chips with VHDL and microcontrollers with C
  • Troubleshooting (mechanical systems, software, computer hardware)
  • Hands on experience with mill and lathe machining, soldering, woodworking, and automotive repair/maintenance
  • Wrote instructions and documentation
  • Composed and edited content, formatted documents, and created charts and figures while assisting with preparation of over 20 federal grant proposals, resulting in $3.3M in funding
  • Performed complex accounting and budgeting activites
  • Assisted with project planning and management, including creation of timelines and Gantt charts
  • Supervised student employees
  • Worked with remote coworkers on multiple projects
  • Assisted with instruction of labs for a course on assistive technology
  • Software skills
    • Linux (Arch, Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora), Mac, Windows; both GUI and command line
    • Microsoft Office (including advanced formatting in Word and complex formulas/macros in Excel)
    • Graphic editing and manipulation (Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator)
    • 3D solid modeling (ProEngineer)
    • Finite element analysis (ANSYS, Pro-E Mechanica)

Work History

References available upon request.


Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2009

Other Accomplishments & Honors

  • Passed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam (April 2011).
  • Recognized on Dean's Honor List three times (Fall 2004, Spring 2009, Fall 2009)
  • Publications and Presentations
    • Edyburn, K. D., Schwartz, J., & Smith, R. O. (2013). A Case Study: Development of Access Ratings for Buildings "Consumer" Mobile App. Proceedings of the RESNA 36th Annual Conference on Technology and Disability: Research, Design, Practice and Policy.
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    • Tomashek, D. B., Edyburn, K. D., Baumann, R., & Smith, R. O. (2013). The Case for Next Generation Text Description Solutions for Visual Information Accessibility. Proceedings of the RESNA 36th Annual Conference on Technology and Disability: Research, Design, Practice and Policy.
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