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Keith Edyburn (he/him)
Software Engineer

Project Portfolio


Screenshot of the question creation form in the ASÍ ES webapp

Created a web-based data collection tool, using Flask, for a dissertation project assessing the language skills of Spanish-English bilingual students. The assessment involved audio playback and recording using browser media APIs.

Screenshot of 90 Days of Summer website

Developed a website, using Flask, for an online course educating parents about technology, 90 Days of Summer. The website was localized in English and Spanish.

Screenshot of Text Compactor website

Created a website, using Flask, which automatically summarizes text for thousands of users per month, Text Compactor.

Screenshot of Jen: The Tiered Web Page Generator website

Developed a commercial web application, using Django, which allowed teachers to easily create accessible web pages with multiple difficulty levels, Jen: The Tiered Web Page Generator. The generated pages included text resizing, color theme, text to speech, and translation controls for students to personalize their learning experience. WYSIWYG text editing was provided for users using CKEditor.

Mechanical Engineering

Screenshot of a LabView program's back panel block diagram

Created a LabView program that used data from two accelerometers and a force transducer to measure impact energy for an automated endurance testing apparatus.

Photo of the 2-dimensional translation table apparatus

Worked as part of a 4 person team to automate the 2-dimensional movement of an apparatus used for nano-particle deposition research.

Isometric plots of deformation of original mold and modified design

Performed finite element analysis of the deformation of a mold used for composites research using the ANSYS software package. Based on the results, proposed design modifications to reduce the deformation by a factor of 4.

Photo of apparatus used to collect experimental stress riser data

Compared experimental strain gauge measurements, finite element analysis, and manual stress riser calculations.

Plot of nitric oxide concentration for four fuels at five equivalence ratios

Wrote a program, using Python and NumPy, to estimate the concentrations of pollutants such as nitric oxide in engine exhaust for various combinations of fuels and air-fuel ratios.