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Keith Edyburn (he/him)
Software Engineer




Keith is an experienced full-stack software engineer who is passionate about UX, DX, and maintainability. He was pivotal to the long-term development and support of a feature-rich SaaS product, and has built several other smaller projects. Those projects have spanned the domains of healthcare (specifically maternity care), education, and accessibility. He is constantly learning and seeking to improve code bases and organizations.


Quilted Health External link
  • Implemented a revised pricing structure for the Maternity Neighborhood product, and improved the integration with the payment processor (Braintree)
  • Prototyped a bi-directional integration of the Maternity Neighborhood EHR with Quilted Health’s existing tech stack (Next.js) and EHR (Athena)
  • Improved the developer experience with documentation, consistent (but customizable) dev environments, additional lint rules, and faster and more apparent CI checks using GitHub Actions
Maternity Neighborhood External link
(acquired by Quilted Health)
Charlottesville, VA/Remote
  • Implemented full-stack features, with and without design mockups, including data models, SQL queries (PostgreSQL), backend APIs (Python), and frontend UI (JavaScript/TypeScript, CSS)
  • Diagnosed and fixed bugs discovered in testing, by users, or by error monitoring (Sentry)
  • Proposed and led a migration from Angular.js to React with TypeScript, implementing custom React component libraries to preserve the product’s design and user experience, including a type-safe form library
  • Provided expert-level support for users, answering questions about product functionality, and investigating issues by analyzing server logs and executing database queries
  • Participated in roadmap/feature planning, and performed code review
  • Configured and updated frontend tooling (Babel, ESLint, Jest, Prettier, TypeScript, Webpack)
  • Planned zero-downtime deploys and data migrations
at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI
  • Developed accessible websites using Dreamweaver, Django, WordPress, and ColdFusion
  • Administered Linux servers and provided general technical support
  • Performed research activities including stimulus creation and data analysis
  • Assisted with project planning, budgeting, grant proposals, student supervision, and instruction
Whitefish Bay, WI/Remote
  • Designed and developed web-based tools and web services in Python using Django and Flask
  • Built and maintained several static websites
Independent Consulting
  • Don Johnston Incorporated (2013)
  • Human Ability Designs (2012-2013, 2020-2022)
  • Califex Software, Inc. (2011)


Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2009

Other Accomplishments